Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What's Your 10 SULIT MUST-HAVE’S? Start The Year Right With SULIT.COM.PH

Every year, we have our long list of needs and wants. But have you thought of your Top 10 items that will make big changes to your life this 2013? Like a new heavy-duty laptop that will help you start a business you are very passionate about or any things that would make your daily life at home convenient.

Well, I have a few important items that I've been eyeing this year that I find as good deals thru Sulit.Com.Ph. I did double check the prices & details. ;)  

Ever since I was a kid, our family do a lot of land travel. We love and enjoy travelling a lot in convoy until now that I already have my own family.

But It's hard to travel in a sedan car especially that I have 2 kids (a preschooler & a toddler) so on top of my list is a SUV -- Honda CRV (

And, of course, it's my priority to keep my little ones safe during travels so I'll be needing a Toddler Car Seat for my 1-year old son -- Chicco Toddler Car Seat

During travels, I love to capture every moment my kids have. I also love to take every milestones they have and keep them. A good DLSR camera will help me with this. Nikon D5200 will do perhaps. (

To maximize every beautiful photos I've taken, I'll be needing a heavy duty laptop to make those moments more fun & vibrant with photoshop. That's why I'll be needing a MacBook Pro. ;)

This laptop won't only help me with my photos but also with the sideline job I'm planning to have... to sew my kids costumes for different events like school performance or costume parties.

I order for me to be able to do costumes not only for my kids but other students as well who needs one, I'll be needing a sewing machine. :)

I also wish to make our househelp's life easier at home. So I'm thinking of getting a Vacuum Cleaner. Besides, we need to minimize the dust at home to reduce my kids' asthma attacks. :)

Another home appliance I've been wanting to win thru raffle during those advertisers' events we had last year is a Twin Tub Washing Machine so we don't have to pay the laundry shop P25/kilo who don't really provide good service.

This I want for my kiddo.

My son will be turning 2 years old this April and I want to train him, not only to potty, but to pee so I'm considering of getting him a Pee Trainer (Urinal for Toddlers).

I'm not forgetting my kids' wishes they asked from their Lola Beck & Lolo Pew since December 2012 -- a Ride On Car for John & a Ride On Motorbike for Mhia. We haven't bought them yet since the malls' high prices aren't practical. And I found these cheaper thru Sulit.Com.Ph.

These are few of the items I wanted from Sulit.Com.Ph. ;)

Kayo? Ano hanap nyo? Don't hesitate to comment the top 10 things on your list (just the name of the item and the link of the ad from with your full name, Facebook profile URL (or Twitter ID).
photo courtesy of Nuffnang Philippines

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