Thursday, November 15, 2012

Breaking Dawn 2's Advance Screening

When I read Robert Pattinson's interview on Entertainment Weekly 3 months ago about the twist towards the end of The Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn 2, I reread the second part of the book to see where the twist could fit in, and I really looked forward to see the movie.

Thanks to Studio 23's Advance Screening, I realized what Pattinson meant by his statement. :) I love the twist -- the additional part in the story. I started reacting and thought that if it will end that way, then many will get mad with the movie outfit. But then it didn't. Don't worry I won't spoil anything here! :)

We got lots of freebies, too, from the sponsors -- food actually -- Selecta's Cornetto Black & White, Jack & Jill's Piattos Multi-Grain (Bacon & Cheese and White Cheese & Garlic),  and Jack & Jill's Choco Boom. Thanks you, dear sponsors for filling up our tummies all throughout the movie. ^_^

Exerpt from Breaking Dawn:

Siobhan: The Volturi won't forgive what happened here.*
Carlisle: That time may come. If it does, we'll stand together.
*Delivered by Stefan in the movie

I hope everyone can be as compassionate as Carlisle.

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