Monday, September 17, 2012

BPI's BEA Online for Convenient Banking Transactions

We are all aware of the BPI Express Assist (BEA). But, for the BPI Account Holders with BPI Online Banking accounts, are you aware of the  BPI Express Assist (BEA) Online?

The first time I've heard (read actually) of the BEA Online was at the BPI Ayala Triangle branch, while waiting for my queue. On the screen above the tellers, crawlers indicated that their branch serves BEA Online.

I got curious so I checked my BPI Online account and went through the BEA Online. I was simply amazed by it on how it will make banking more convenient for a busy person like me.

I usually enroll third party accounts for my BPI online banking but I don't want to flood it with third party accounts I don't usually deal with, so I still line up to make deposits to other accounts.

Today was my first time to use BEA Online. I chose BPI's Salcedo Village branch which is just located on the 1st floor of our office building. I went there less than 10 minutes before my chosen schedule. I asked the guard about the BEA Online Queue but he told me that they've never encountered it, so I went to the new accounts section and waited for a rep to make my inquiry about it.
While waiting for the new accounts rep, I overheard the person who came in after me saying that he will have to wait 18 more people to finished their transactions before his turn, as he was telling his friend who was already in the bank waiting for his turn. I was really hoping that my Electronic Queue Number is valid at the branch because I don't want to wait that long. I got work to do.

And then, I saw my Electronic Queue Number appeared on the queue monitor. :)

Obviously, with all the questions thrown at me and the murmurs between the branch's tellers, it was also their first time to encounter E-Queuing. :) With the time stamp indicated on the deposit slip, I know I was served on time.

I will no longer be adding third party accounts on my BPI Online Banking, but instead use the BEA Online for better and faster transactions. :)

To know more about BPI Express Assist (BEA) Online, visit this link:


  1. wow, kudos to BPI for innovating systems like this! :) i also like their BEA system, i've tried it several times now that's why i choose them for any payment options for deposit. :)

  2. wow great! that's another convenience for BPI depositors and clients. As per current experience, I find the BPI self-serve queueing convenient for me 'coz its faster compared to other banks wherein you need to stand-up in-line for several minutes (hate this much). What more the BEA system, hope they will soon have it here in the province.

  3. Mommies, I also make deposit thru BPI Cash Deposit Machine pag medyo mahaba queue sa BEA. :)

  4. Nice to know info. This' the first time I've learned of such from BPI. Very convenient and hassle-free indeed! :-)

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