Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Pinay Inspirations

This July giveaway is long overdue. I was trying to come up with my story to tie up with my giveaway but time doesn't permit me to do so.

During the weekdays, I am bound to do a lot of deadlines at work. Aside from having a fulltime job in the advertising world, maintaining a blog & selling comfoods products, I got more mommy duties when I'm home. I double check my daughter's assignments who is in Kinder and we review her lessons together. After that, I make sure we have time to play with her 1-year old brother, and pray before I tuck them in bed. In the morning, I get up early to help my daughter prepare for school.
Mhia getting ready for school

my 4-year old daughter, Mhia, can draw
Over the weekends, I always make sure we have time to bond. But last weekend, I was suppose to write my blog. I left my laptop open, so I could just start typing whatever comes to my mind. I knew I won't be able to concentrate knowing my kids were just around, seeking for my attention. Honestly, I'm torn between being a working mom & wanting to be a fulltime mom.
photo taken last weekend while I was trying to do my blog
Siblings' weekend bonding
Anyway, I wasn't able to write anything, except for the word "Delicadeza".

I grew up bearing that word in my heart and in my mind. The word itself means a lot that leads to taking pride in doing the right things. This was instilled to me by my mama when I was young. I always think of not bringing shame onto my family especially to my parents. I don't want to see them hurting because of me. Whenever I do things, I consider how will they feel if I do this or that. She taught us to be contented on what we have, and not to envy anyone or get anyone jealous for something. Be thankful on what you have and never compare yourself to others.

My mama continues to inspire me in so many ways. She taught me to love unconditionally,  to be honest in any way, to respect other peoples lives, and to put God in the center of our lives.

When it comes to my marriage life, she taught me to be more understanding & patient. She always reminds me and my husband not to fight over money. She always tells me that money is just easy to find. Her famous line, "Huwag mo titipirin mga anak mo, dahil never ko kayong tinipid na magkakapatid." She's practical yet she'll spend money just to provide me and my siblings quality education or products for our needs.

When it comes to her grandchildren, her number 1 rule - No Favoritism. She loves buying them their apparels and other stuffs. My parents will travel from Pangasinan to Makati almost every week just to see them. My mama taught me to value my family more than anything else in the world.

The values that my mama taught me and keep on teaching me are countless but I will make sure to impart these values to my children.

Me and Mhia with my Mama and my Lola Idang on her 90th birthday last October 2010
As a child, I was a bit shy and more reserve. I was even bullied during my elem & HS days. That's why I didn't expect myself to be building a career in the advertising world. And this is all because of my Auntie Sally. Thanks to her. She's my mama's younger sister. She taught me how to be independent, street smart and to speak up -- to share what I know.  She's like my second mom.

Doing presentations in front of an audience, during my school days, frightens me. I always say, "nahihiya ako." I can't even remember why. :) But my aunt once told me, "Bakit ka nahihiya? May ginawa ka bang masama?" She was right. I remember her telling me that my audience are also people like me -- that I may know better than them, and that I am there to teach them and keep them informed. She taught me to be brave and to have positive views in life. Whether in the corporate world or simply at home, I really look up to her.

Auntie Sally and Mama with their eldest sister, Auntie Baby, & their mom, Lola Idang
I believe that if you raise your child properly and instill good values, they'll pass this on to their children. And I'm very thankful to my grandmothers, Lola Pen & Lola Idang for giving their best to create a warm, loving environment for their family. (I wish I could find a photo of my Lola Pen.)

These are the women who inspire me -- who made me proud of my roots. They are few of the many proofs that we, Filipinas, are naturally loving, caring, supportive and generous. We are also flexible, that we are able to adapt to new environment. We make  great wives and mothers.

And because of them, now, I have a very good job that appreciate my contributions. I am also being tapped to do the digital media at work. Plus my job gives me the opportunity to meet celebrities and travel for free. And even the people who tried to intimidate me during my elem & HS days are, now, proud of me. A big salute and great thanks to my Pinay inspirations, and lots of loving.

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  1. I am Pinay and proud of how Filipinas take care of their loved ones!

    Name: Bagel Betorin
    Occupation: HR Officer
    email address: chinky.baguette(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. I'm pinay and proud because I believed that Filipinas are very dynamic and flexible in doing their job. I know some single moms who will do everything just to raise her child/children. Unlike some foreign nationals who will abandon their child. I'm proud that my mother taught me how to become independent and patient. She's the Pinay I'm truly proud of.

    Name: Katherine Rose Rivera
    Ocupation: Housewife

  3. I am Pinay and Proud because of my skin. We Pinays have the perfect skin in the world. Not too fair, not too dark. Just the perfect brown!

    Name:Marigin Dizon
    Occupation:full-time Mom

  4. I am pinay and proud that we can balance family and career quite well.

    Glaiza G. Tominio
    Freelance English Tutor/ Blogger/ WAHM

  5. I am pinay and proud of the values my mama taught me and that I can still balance life being a mom, a wife, a daughter and an employee and still have a social life with the help of my mom.

    Edna Dela Carsada

  6. I am pinay and proud of the Filipino culture especially as to how pinay moms raise their kids.

    Name: April F. Manuel
    Occupation: Mom and student
    email address:

  7. I am Pinay & Proud of how I really live up to Ephesians 5:22, being submissive to my husband as he is loving me, stated in Ephesians 5:25.

    Name: Denise R. Rayala
    Occupation: SAHM / Budding Mompreneur
    Email Address:

  8. I am Pinay and Proud that I have dedicated my life to taking care of my kids and husband yet at the same time, pursuing my goals in life!

    Name: Vanessa Salosagcol
    Occupation: SAHM
    email address: vanepsal09(at)yahoo(dot)com

  9. I am Pinay and Proud because I can balance my responsibilities as a student, dauaghter, friend and lover.
    Name: Hazel Grace Bellen
    Occupation: student
    email add:

  10. I am Pinay and Proud because I am a striving single mom to my children. I see to it that they are my top priority. Pinays are responsible and dedicated to their duties assigned to them.

    Name: Maria Christina Gumatay
    Occupation: Housewife
    email address:

  11. Name:Baby Yap
    I am a proud pinay! As a single mom with three kids,Ive always have this spirit in me that never to give up. Things may get worse but I know I can surpass all this things.

  12. I am pinay and proud of my where i'm from, what i've become. pinay and proud of my culture.

    Name: christine batiller
    Occupation: court stenographer
    email address:

  13. I am pinay and proud to be one.. Because being Filipino is a unique and distinctive race among others!.

    Name: mary a. reana
    Occupation: court stenographer
    email address:

  14. I am Pinay and proud to be One. It sets me different from other races because of our cultural upbringing .

    Name: Vlelyn Ang
    Occupation; homemaker

  15. I am Pinay and Proud to be one because i know how to take good care of my family.My family is my priority..


  16. I am Pinay and proud to be One. A lot of things to be proud of as a Pinay, one is honesty towards work.

    Name: Jennifer Aguirre
    Occupation: Accountant/Company Cashier
    email address:

  17. I am Pinay and very Proud because of so many beautiful traits a pinay have like most especially in the family, loving and caring in each member and doing everything to make her special someone happy. :)

    Name: Annie Egalin
    Occupation: Clerk
    email address:

  18. I am pinay and proud of the many beautiful places in the Philippines!

    Name : Mary Grace Reyes
    Occupation : Housewife
    Email :

  19. I am Pinay and very proud about it because being a pinay means loving and caring especially towards her families and loved ones. Not only that but also being a hardworking one. :)

    Name: Donna Pelobello
    Occupation: Call center agent
    email address:

  20. I am Pinay and proud because we Pinays have exotic looks that other people from other countries found enviable:)

    Arra Morta
    Plain housewife

    Occupation: Self-employed
    email address:

    I'm proud to be Pinay because being Pinay we willing to extend our hands on whatever scenario it maybe. When we do things, we always put our hearts and minds on it. We never do things half-heartedly. Our Pinoy humor often always makes us look at the brighter side of things.

  22. I am pinay and proud to be one because I believe most of us pinays value our family, shows high respect with one another and most of all we are God fearing!

    Name: Mary Ann Cueto
    Occupation: Housewife/Video Editor

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  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. I am Pinay and Proud because I can overcome any obstacles. And doing all my best to suceed in life!

    Lovely Joy Merced

  26. Pinay and proud? Of course, I'm very much proud to be. Ang dami nating katangiang maaaring ipagmalaki bilang isang Pinay... mabait, mapag-aruga, mapagpasensya, mahinhin (ahihihi), mapagmahal, may kusa, may malasakit sa kapwa, matiyaga, masikap, at ma.. marami pang iba. :)

    Name: Joan Macawili
    Occupation: as of yesterday, teacher, today taong bahay, tom, baka student ulit (fingers crossed) :)
    email address:

  27. I am Pinay and Proud of it because i am not ashamed to admit that i am a stay at home mom and serve my family with all my heart.
    Name: Rachel Anne Del Rosario
    Occupation: SAHM
    email address:


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