Friday, June 29, 2012

John Dominic -- One of the Chosen Few

When I found out about the "Most Likes" contest by Drypers and Sca Philippines, I wasn't really decided if I want to join in my kids since we only have few, good, supportive facebook friends to do the liking.

Anyway, for the said contest, the top 20 photos with the most likes will automatically be included in the Drypers' print ad. This contest ran from May 1 to 31.

Eventually, I thought of sending an entry for my son, John Dominic, in the contest just for fun, like my AMO mommy friends. I'm so glad to have support from them, as we always support each other. 

Without expecting that much likes from others, I still shared Dominic's photo.

He didn't made it to the top 20 and, I believe, not even on top 50 or so. But I was so happy when I saw Sca Phils' wall post -- Dominic's photo was chosen to be included in the Drypers Print Ad in BC Magazine Philippines -- #32. Ate Mhia Dominic (I used my kids' facebook to share the photo).
#32. Ate Mhia Dominic
I was even more surprised when I got a message from Sca Phils thru my kids' facebook. (They thought "Mhia" was the mom. ^-^ )

We didn't expect Dom's photo to be chosen. That alone was already a blessing. But that didn't stop there, he still get a prize for being chosen to be in their print ad -- and he already got his 1 Drypers Jumbo Pack! :)

Thank you so much, Drypers and Sca Phils for these wonderful surprises. :) Can't wait to see your print ad on BC Magazine Philippines.

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