Friday, June 29, 2012

John Dominic -- One of the Chosen Few

When I found out about the "Most Likes" contest by Drypers and Sca Philippines, I wasn't really decided if I want to join in my kids since we only have few, good, supportive facebook friends to do the liking.

Anyway, for the said contest, the top 20 photos with the most likes will automatically be included in the Drypers' print ad. This contest ran from May 1 to 31.

Eventually, I thought of sending an entry for my son, John Dominic, in the contest just for fun, like my AMO mommy friends. I'm so glad to have support from them, as we always support each other. 

Without expecting that much likes from others, I still shared Dominic's photo.

He didn't made it to the top 20 and, I believe, not even on top 50 or so. But I was so happy when I saw Sca Phils' wall post -- Dominic's photo was chosen to be included in the Drypers Print Ad in BC Magazine Philippines -- #32. Ate Mhia Dominic (I used my kids' facebook to share the photo).
#32. Ate Mhia Dominic
I was even more surprised when I got a message from Sca Phils thru my kids' facebook. (They thought "Mhia" was the mom. ^-^ )

We didn't expect Dom's photo to be chosen. That alone was already a blessing. But that didn't stop there, he still get a prize for being chosen to be in their print ad -- and he already got his 1 Drypers Jumbo Pack! :)

Thank you so much, Drypers and Sca Phils for these wonderful surprises. :) Can't wait to see your print ad on BC Magazine Philippines.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mhia's 4th Birthday

While doing this blog, I suddenly realized that I wasn't able to do a blog for my son's, John Dominic, 1st birthday last April 30 and his 1st birthday party last May 1.

I only did the list of suppliers I had for Dom's birthday party. See my related posts with Dom's 1st birthday:

Anyway, Mhia's 1st birthday party last June 2009 had more guests than Dom's 1st birthday party at the same venue, Jollibee Makati Ave. As I remember, I had to order additional sets of food during Mhia's 1st birthday party.

June 2009 : Mhia's 1st birthday party
June 2009 : Mhia's 1st birthday party
June 2009 : Mhia's 1st birthday party
But I was so happy that there were more kids on Dom's 1st birthday party than Mhia's. This I can't forget because I ran out of lootbags to giveaway. Thanks to my fellow Avent moms, kids & daddies. Because of them, I always look forward at holding my kids' parties :)

May 1, 2012 : Dominic's 1st birthday party
May 1, 2012 : Dominic's 1st birthday party
May 1, 2012 : Dominic's 1st birthday party
May 1, 2012 : Dominic's 1st birthday party with our Avent family
Last Saturday was Mhia's 4th Birthday party at Jollibee Makati Ave. The third time we held a party at Jollibee Makati Ave. As I always say, they have better birthday gift for the celebrant than the other branches -- kiddie pool for Mhia, like what they gave Dominic. :)

We chose Barbie as a theme. Mhia wanted the Princess theme but that theme is owned by McDonald's. We arrived late at the venue though since I had to bring my kids at Makati Med for their check up because of their asthma (with coughs and colds). I was also worried because I felt like there won't be enough guests. Prior to the party, I already got messages that most of them were sick -- due to the weather change I guess.

June 23, 2012: Mhia's 4th Birthday
When we got there, I saw my schoolmate & pastry chef, Aikko of Bake Happy. :) Seeing her masterpiece made me so happy. I forgot all my worries. The cake is so perfect! ♥♥♥

Mhia's cake from Bake Happy by Aikko
Dominic's cake from Bake Happy by Aikko
For the lootbags, Jollibee's package fee for the amenities changed during the time I made reservation for Mhia's party. Themes and Favors were already included. So from P1,250 fee, it increased to P3,300. I can no longer have my own lootbags, like what I did on Dom's 1st Birthday party last May 1. I have to get them from Jollibee. :( So I availed the Barbie-themed lootbags for Mhia's party and I just added the personalized pouch bags with personalized notebooks & bag tags in it.

(At the end of the party, I found out that they have brought back the old fee because of the complaints they got from the parents.)
Anyway, going back to the party, my Mhia cried at the start of the party because she don't want her pictures to be taken. I jokingly got another kid from our guests to take her place and that really made her cry. Aww... So sorry, my little princess.

But, as soon as Jollibee got in, she was all smile again. :)

We started with less than 2 hours to consume, so the hosts finished the games as fast as they could. I wasn't really paying attention that much during those times, I guess, 'cause I was too worried about not having that much guests. I think time passed by really too fast.
While resting at the back of the room, chatting with my friend, Ron, I heard my daughter calling me. Then I realized that the food was being served already. More than 10 guests came in during mealtime. They may have missed all the games but they made me very happy. Yey! They made it to my daughter's party -- that will be highly appreciated. Many of them weren't feeling well but still they were there. :)

Every year, at Mhia's birthday parties, I always worry there won't be that much kids to play games.

The good thing with Jollibee is that the staff know what to do when there are very few kids at the party.
June 2009: Mhia's 1st birthday (Jollibee Makati Ave)
June 2010: Mhia's 2nd birthday (Jollibee Bluewave-Metropark)
June 2011: Mhia's 3rd birthday (Jollibee The Fort)
June 2011: Mhia's 3rd birthday (Jollibee The Fort)
May 2012: Dominic's 1st birthday (Jollibee Makati Ave)  
May 2012: Dominic's 1st birthday (Jollibee Makati Ave) 
June 23, 2012: Mhia's 4th birthday (Jollibee Makati Ave) 
I'm also thankful that I met my Avent family. They gave me more reason to hold my kids' parties.

Next year, I'm planning to hold Mhia's 5th birthday (and, also, her 6th) at her school -- that's less expensive.
And, for Dominic's 2nd birthday party, I'm thinking of having it at Bubba Gump Greenbelt 3. I'm also looking at giving an award to the most present & active guest/s next year. Hmnn... who could that be? Plus better lootbags & game prizes :)

But for Mhia's 7th Birthday party, I'm planning to hold a big party for her at Santuario De San Antonio's Multipurpose Hall (Mckinley Rd, Forbes Park, Makati City). We'll see how will that party go 3 years from now. Hahaha. I hope I could keep this blog that long. ;)

I really wanted to thank our guests who made my Mhia happy on her 4th birthday...

Gift from Mommy Pauline, a fellow Avent mom
Barbie Car, gift from Lola Beck & Lolo Pew
Rockstar set (guitar with headset & mic with stand) from Ninong Brian & Ninang Sheila
... and to all our guests who don't get tired attending my kids' birthday parties -- THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Your presence, all those years and these coming years, will always be greatly appreciated. ♥♥♥

Father's Day at Bellevue

This 2012 is the 5th year we are celebrating Father's Day.

We weren't able to celebrate our 1st Father's Day last June 2008. It was the day we checked out from Makati Medical Center after I gave birth to my 1st child, Mhia. :)

Every year, we spent the Father's Day with my Papa.

June 2009, at Superbowl Glorietta 4
June 2010, at Superbowl Glorietta 4
June 2011, Mhia's 3rd birthday & Father's Day at Jollibee The Fort 

This year was different. With all the busy sched, we spent Father's Day at Bellevue Manila with just my husband and our kids. (",) And, as for Mhia, she'll be having her pre-birthday celebration there too. ;-)

Mhia really wanted to have a swim even after the short, heavy rainfall. Dominic wanted to have a swim, too, but backed out after he figured out how cold the water was.
The Poolside at Bellevue Hotel

We had our dinner at Jollibee, just beside the hotel. After dinner, Mhia asked me to take her pictures with her "mataray" poses. Here are some of her poses:

We had our Father's Day buffet breakfast at  Cafe d'Asie. :)

After having our breakfast, Mhia & I bought a li'l cake for her pre-birthday celebration.

Our stay at Bellevue gave us more time to bond together, especially for my kids. They enjoyed their time together. :)

We want to especially thank my brother, Brian, for giving my husband a little something to spend for the Father's Day.

I thank God for this precious day and for giving me a very generous and beautiful family. 

♥ Looking forward to another fun-filled vacation with my family. 
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