Friday, May 11, 2012

Wonderful Month of May

I was on leave last April 30 because of my son's. Dominic, 1st birthday. I got excited when I came back the next working day and saw a package on my desk. I was wondering where that package came from. I didn't look inside since I need some important things to be done. Then I started reading those unread messages in my email. That's when I found out what's inside the package and to whom it came from.

Here's the email message:

I won an Avenger shirt! :) I was so excited, though I was hoping it was Iron Man or Captain America on the shirt. But Hulk is fine. Hahaha.

On the same day, I got another package. This time it's from PisoBid. Those were the gift certificates I won.

I was so happy that day. These gift certificates will help me save more, especially that next month will be my daughter's, Mhia, 4th birthday and she'll be enrolling to school soon. :)


  1. mom she, panu ba bayaran yung sa pisobid?

  2. Mommy, pwedeng thru PayPal or Credit Card, Major Banks (Cash or Online), Cash (7-11 or MLhuillier), pesopay, GCash, CashSense's eWallet, Mozcom PayEasy or Mobius ePoints.

    Para akong sa marketing nila no? Hahahaha.

  3. hihihi dami ko na kasing na ipon na bids.. :D di pa ko ready e bid..hahaha


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