Monday, May 14, 2012

Mommy Mundo's Expo Mom 2012

This is my 2nd time to attend Mommy Mundo's event at Rockwell but my 1st to stay longer. :) I went with my daughter, Mhia. She was kinda bored when we got there. Normally, she smiles a lot and greets everyone I talk to. This time, I had a hard time making her smile. She was looking for something to do.

At the Expo Mom, I got Mhia a purple headband from Mommy Laurence's The Fawn Shoppe.
Mhia wanted her chocolate treat from Starbucks Power Plant Mall
Then I got my kids natural products from Tiny Buds -- 2 sanitizer, a pack of wipes & the Rice Baby powder.

I don't usually use powder for my kids because I'm afraid this might trigger their asthma but with Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder, I don't have to worry about their asthma.

We visited Philips Avent booth and they gave Mhia this wonderful coloring book that made Mhia wanted to go back inside the tent after we had our lunch at Jollibee. :)

Photo courtesy of Philips Avent Philippines

And for grabbing & sharing one of Expo Mom's modern mom badges, I was entitled to for a PICK A PRIZE, which gave me Cradles' Toy and Surface Cleanser -- perfect for my toddler & baby! :)

Before we left, knowing Mhia was so bored and tired walking around, we passed by the water station outside the main entrance and Mhia saw The Fun Ranch mini-play area. Her face lightened up and ask me if she could play. Of course, I gave her my approval. I just love to see my kids have fun.

I just love the smile on her face :)
I also had fun seeing my fellow mommies and checking out stuffs for me and my kids. :)

I would definitely go back to the next event by Mommy Mundo and Expo Mom. :) Don't you just love being a mom?! :)


  1. wow! mhia was really happy! i enjoyed the expo mom also. if i can, i'll join it every year! :)

    1. Yes, mommy Glaiza. Napagod sya sa sobrang saya. :D Try ko din pumunta every year. It's a nice treat for us mommies. :)


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