Thursday, May 03, 2012

Milkita Birthday Treats

In the middle of my super busy weekend due to Dom's upcoming 1st birthday party, I got a facebook message from Milkita Lollipop that Dom won the Milkita Birthday Treats for his party.

This is my second time to win Milkita Treats. The first one was 2 years ago, for my daughter's, Mhia, 2nd birthday.

Here are some of the pictures back in 2010 during Mhia's 2nd Birthday party. :)

I got so excited when I read the message. I have additional goodies to put on Dom's personalized lootbags.

Claiming the prize was so stressful compared to the first one when we've won the treats. 2 years ago, the treats were delivered at home. But this time, we have to pick it up from the warehouse and we don't know where the exact location is and we weren't also informed that the office hours on sat is only until 12nn and that beyond that they won't accept inquiries. I informed the contact person that I need the landmark so I can claim the prize on that day since they're not open on Sundays and I will be busy for the next few days. But I didn't get any reply about the landmarks.

It was 4pm already when I found a map on BDO website about their branch on the same bldg as the milkita warehouse. After that my hubby & I rushed to the place to pick up the prize. Traffic was so heavy and we have to pay a lot for the taxi meter. My hubby got worried they might not accommodate us and told me never to join the contest again. It was almost 6pm when we got there. It was a good thing they accommodated us.

For future winners who will need a guide, here's the map I referred to:

If they have only sent me a text earlier on that day, I might have replied at once. It was already almost lunch when I read their message. But, still, I'm thankful for winning the birthday treat.

My daughter was so excited when she saw the piles of Milkita lollies & Unican candies.

Here are the photos taken last May 1 for Dom's 1st Birthday party at Jollibee Makati Ave.:

This time, I had a hard time taking photos during the party since my brother, who is the family's official photographer wasn't present because he was covering the Bangus Festival in Dagupan City during that time. I was taking care of everything so I only got few pics during the party.

You, too, can win Milkita Birthday Treats. Just like Milkita Lollipop's facebook page and simply follow the mechanics on their page. Goodluck! :)

Thank you, Milkita, for the nice treat on John Dominic's 1st birthday! :)


  1. wow wish i could win some Milkita too :D

    1. Just like Milkita Lollipop's facebook page and simply follow the mechanics on their page. Goodluck! :)


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