Monday, May 14, 2012

Dominic Goes Organic

Seeing her Ate Mhia munch on a junk food would really make him curious and wanting more to have a bite of whatever her Ate eats. And this is what we are trying to avoid.

2 years ago, I had difficulty finding munchies and finger food for Mhia. But today, with the help of Facebook & my mommy friends, I was able to find the perfect finger food or snacks for my baby & toddler.

To make sure Dom is getting enough nutrition like her Ate Mhia, I switched to Organic muchies and snacks. :)

At first, I tried Happy Baby's Organic Puffs (greens) which I bought at Healthy Options, Rustan's Makati.

Dominic loves it very much so I decided to get him another pack and, this time, I also bought Earth Best's Teething Biscuit.

Since my son is enjoying his healthy food snacks, I need to find a cheaper provider of these products. Thanks to Mommy Glaiza who introduced Ygo's Organic. Check out Moomy MusingsYgo's Organics : Feeding Need Not Be Expensive. I was able to get these healthy organic snacks for a cheaper price! :)

Now, I don't have to worry on what my toddlers will be eating. Thanks to these toddler-friendly organic snacks. :)


  1. Thanks Mommy Bing for the mention! I'm happy that my blog was able to help moms like you. It's my honor to share whatever I find to make our mommy journey easier (and wallet-friendly) :)

    1. You're welcome mommy Glai. :) Well said, mommy. Keep on helping our fellow mommies. :)


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