Monday, May 14, 2012

Celebrating My 5th Year of being a Super Mom

For the past 4 years of celebrating Mother's day, I always celebrate it with my Mom. :) But for this year, it was different. My mom had to attend a wedding since she's one of the principal sponsors and she'll be too tired to travel afterwards from Dagupan City to Makati City. If we only have a car, we'll be the one to travel all the way up to Pangasinan.

2009: 2nd year of Mom's Day celebration (Sentro, Greenbelt 3)
2010: 3rd Mother's Day (King Bee, Paseo de Santa Rosa)
2011: my 4th Mom's Day celebrated at home -- 2 weeks after giving birth to Dominic
Funny, I can't find my 1st Mother's Day photos. I was 8th month pregnant with Mhia at that time, a month before she was born. :)

Before Sunday (May 13) came, we already planned to celebrate it at Kamayan*Dads*Saisaki at Glorietta 3. But since we left the house late, I know we won't be accommodated and I was right. Line was too long when we arrived the place. So my husband, Kristian, and I decided to celebrate Mother's Day at T.G.I.Fridays and thanks to my brother, Brian, for the cash gift he gave me to celebrate my day. :) Thank God I have a generous brother. Hahaha. 

Ate Mhia's enjoying the Mocha Mud Pie. :)
After having our lunch, we headed to Greenbelt 5. It's Ate Mhia & Dom's playtime at Gymboree. :)

I'm so blessed to be a mom and to have a loving, supportive husband and two smart & adorable kids. Just seeing Mhia & Dom smile makes my day complete. :)

Flower for Mommy :)

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