Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 Winnings from PisoBid in a day

Yesterday, while going thru Metrodeal's website, I saw a promo for PisoBid's 12 Bids Pack. Out of curiousity, I visited PisoBid's website.

I got so excited when I found out that I can get an item I really want as low as 1.01. But, of course, I need to purchase "Bids" as low as P200 for 12 Bids.

I registered and I got 5 bonus bids for signing up.

Before bidding, you should come up with an strategy not to waste your purchased bids.

At first, I lost with the 2 items I was bidding for. Then the next thing I knew, I won 3 items for today. The 1st item I won this morning was 50 Bids + P500 Toys-R-us Card. Then early this afternoon, I won 50 Bids + P500 Starbucks. I was so happy & excited knowing that I'm a first-timer with biddings! :)

I thought I shouldn't be abusing my luck so I decided to have 1 more bid before I get addicted to it. Hahaha. Whether I win it or not, it'll be my last bid for the day. And, lucky me, I won the bid for 50 Bids + P500 KFC Gift Card. :)

For now I'll stop. I'll save my bids for the most important item I know I really need. :)

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