Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Super Mom's Kryptonite

Almost 6 months ago when my 2 kids, my 3 yrs & 3 mos old daughter and 5 mos old son, started coughing and eventually turned out to be asthma. They were treated accordingly by their pedia. I got worried when the cough, colds & asthma attacks keep on coming back for 3 months. So I decided to consult a pedia-pulmo, Dr. Luis Rivera of Makati Med, as recommended by my officemate.

At Makati Med, after the check up

The pedia-pulmo was very helpful. I found out that what my kids have is already a persistent asthma, which was getting worse because it was treated as an intermitent one. During their 2 weeks treatment, we spent the Christmas holidays in my hometown in Pangasinan which was really a big help in their treatment. But as soon as we went back to our rented house in Makati City, their asthma came back. So we went back to the pedia-pulmo. And almost every week we went back to his clinic for their check-ups. My son, who was 8 mos old by then, was supposed to have his pneumococal vaccine as soon as we return to Makati after the holidays but I decided not to have him vaccinated since he was still being treated with his asthma.

March 3, 2012: After Dom's check up

March 3, 2012 when I found out my son has pneumonia. He was 10 months old. He was given antibiotics and nebules for his treatment. Dr. Rivera described the pneumonia as crackles (sound).

Ate's playing with Dom while nebulizing
March 8, we went back to Dr. Rivera. Dom's condition is not getting better so he gave a stronger type of antibiotic and additional nebules for the treatment and advice us to return on monday, March 12. He told us that if Dom doesn't get any better with the stronger antibiotics by that time, there's a need for his X-Ray to be taken and, from there, he'll determine if there's a need for confinement. We spent that weekend in Pangasinan to celebrate my mom's 63rd birthday.

In Pangasinan

March 12, 2012 when we return to Dr. Rivera, and thank God, he was better. The doctor said that fresh air in the province did him good. We reported again to Dr. Rivera on March 17 and Dom is better. He told us to stop the antibiotics and all the nebules. But after 5 days, his colds came back. The doctor told us to give him his cold medicine. If Dom doesn't get better till thursday, I'm going to bring him back to his pedia-pulmo. From there, I'll decide if I'm going to bring Dom to the province this weekend, earlier than planned.

It's just lately when I started feeling the stress this is causing me -- financially and emotionally. After our 3-day stay in the province, my boss remembered and asked me how was everything. Then I was suddenly crying but was trying to fight it back. I found myself apologizing to by boss. That afternoon she called my attention, I though it was about work, but no. She asked me if I was fine with everything that was going on -- with work and at home. And I said yes. It's just that everything that's happening to my kids' health was starting to sink into me.

I'm hoping and praying that my kids, especially Dominic, will be better soon. We're looking for a place to move into since the environment of the house we're renting is no longer healthy for me and my kids.

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