Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sky Cable's Presentation for 2012

SKYCABLE group - Sky Cable, Asian Food Channel and Disney - is the most creative group when it comes to presentation and giveaways, even with their events.

"Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." - Forrest Gump

 SKYCABLE presented what they have for advertisers this 2012, like new program line up and events.

 SKYCABLE has 24 powerhouse channels segregated into 6 different genres, which they presented into yummy cupcakes (by Cake Avenue)! I wasn't able to take all 24 photos though, since my officemates got their shares. Hahaha!


I got the Disney cupcake for Mhia and the CNN. :)

While they were having the presentation, we were served with Cafe France delicacies. And, again, I wasn't able to take a photo of the unopened version of them. Too bad for me, they were really presented nicely in the box. hahaha.

Here are some of their events I'm looking forward to this year:


I'm so excited for their mommy and kiddie events. :)

In addition to these good stuffs, we were given a big notepad with a leather cover and a 2G USB flash drive. :)


  1. wow mommy and me day sounds interesting :) sana we can attend din! :)

  2. Sure, mommy Glai. Inform ko ang Avent mommies once na we get the latest update about their mom & kids events. As of now, wala pang exact venue & date. :)

  3. mommy She, by exclusive invite ba yun mommy and me day?

  4. mommy giay, alam ko for Sky Cable Fun Club Members. I'll double check with Sky ha mommy. :)

  5. mommy sherrybe, skycable yung cable ko dito sa bahay pero di kami member ng club nila..

  6. mommy glaiza, you can be a fun club member by filling up their form: I'll let you know if one of us in the office will be sponsoring the mommy and me day. :)


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