Monday, March 19, 2012

Mhia and Dominic's Gymboree Day

Everytime my parents visit my kids, their 2 and only grandchildren, they love to them for a walk in the mall or play at Gymboree - Greenbelt 5.

Last February 26, 2011, I made reservation for my son's 1st birthday at Jollibee - Makati Ave. together with my hubby & daughter, Mhia. :)

Mhia loves taking her pic with Jollibee. "Mommy picture mo ko!"
We had our lunch there then headed for Greenbelt 5 to meet with my parents, my sister, my son Dominic and his yaya.
Mhia saw another Jollibee statue at Greenbelt 1 so she asked me again to take her pic with her lolo and little brother, John Dominic.

 Since Mhia, Kristian and I already had our lunch at Jollibee Makati Ave., the rest of the family had their lunch at Via Mare Greenbelt 1. Dominic was having fun playing with his reflection on the restaurant's big wall mirror.

After the lunch at Via Mare, Mhia & Dom had their gymplay at Gymboree - Greenbelt 5.


Mhia was 9 months old when she started to walk, same as Dom. But at 10 month old, Mhia can go on her own walking around the room carefree! :)) She won't mind flopping down on her bottom.

But Dominic is different. At 10 months, he still tries to balance himself. I observed that he's too careful with everything he does -- like when he's standing and wants to sit down or crawl, he's going to look for something he can hold on to before he does anything. And he really moves slowly, like he's afraid of hurting himself. He can walk around in his crib alone but, outside his comfort zone, we have to hold his hands so he can walk around the house. :)

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