Friday, February 03, 2012

Free Athena Sample from my Belle De Jour 2012 Power Planner

I already got my free sample of Athena Milk early this morning. 2 boxes of 180 grams pack. :)

At first, I wasn't minding the Belle De Jour 2012 Power Planner I got from an event last December 2011 because I already got my Mom 24/7 Planner 2012 from Mommy Mundo, which was very helpful for my mommy duties. It's also the main reason I didn't bother collecting stickers from Starbucks! :))

At the start of the year 2012, I started to clear out our room and saw the BDJ planner. I browse through it and saw lots of discount coupons which are very useful to me! ;)

I started emailing Athena Milk and CarbTrim for their free samples. Sad to say, only Athena Milk replied to my email.


Love the unique idea on every pages. The first page filled up was the Dreamboard!

I love writing on both of my planners' pages. I use my BDJ 2012 Power Planner for work-related stuffs and the Mom 24/7 Planner 2012 mainly for mommy duties. :)


  1. Hi! I got my Athena samples (from BDJ coupons) today too! :)
    And Carbtrim also didn't reply to my email.. tsk!

  2. Cool! I shall claim mine as well after reading your post. I've been putting it off because I think the package won't arrive anyway, but it did!

    1. Yes. And CarbTrim already replied and asked for my details so they can process the shipment of the gift pack. I hope to get them anytime soon. ;)

  3. I hope Athena Milk and CarbTrim would also reply to email and send samples. :) I e-mailed them 2 weeks ago.


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